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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  March 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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this is bbc america and now live from london "bbc world news." >> hello. our top stories. is it the end of the road for jeremy clark son at top gear. bbc suspends him over claims he threw a punch at a producer. nato warships begin maneuvers in the black sea. could iran's drive to increase the population reduce women to
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baby making machines. ♪ the blurred lines of music, marvin gaye's family win more than 7$7 million. the bbc has suspended one of its highest profile television presenters "top gear" host jeremy clarkson after he alleged ly tried to hit one of the show's producers and will not be aired in the uk. a petition has been signed calling for him to be reinstated. first, sara corker reports. >> reporter: outspoken and often on the edge that's part of
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jeremy clark's appeal attracting millions of viewers around the world. a presenter arrived at his london home last night, facing a new controversy, suspended for allegedly hitting a producer last week. that means the next two episodes of "top gear" will not now be broadcast and understood a third and final episode is unlikely to be transmitted. >> the bbc has a dilemma. nobody in the end can ignore bbc guidelines. that said this is a very popular program, one of bbc 2's most popular entertainment program and would be loathe to lose it. >> reporter: he was giving final warnings last year after claims he used a racist term. >> please be assured i did everything in my power to not use that word. as i'm sitting here begging your forgiveness for the fact that obviously my efforts weren't quite good enough.
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>> reporter: the christmas special caused a diplomatic incident in argentina. and his fans have already started an online petition to get him reinstated. last night on social media, clarkson joked with his co-producers about what could replace the episode. i did some pretty good war documentaries, they could screen one of those, he wrote. the investigation into the incident will now take place and bbc says it will not make comment. "top gear" is one of the corporations most valuable assets and jeremy clark son is seen as central to its success. "bbc news." i'm joined from mccarthy, the original "top gear"'s anonymous helmet driver saying at the end how intrinsic jeremy clark is to the series what
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does he bring as a presenter and colleague? >> i guess jeremy's mom-- to me he is a great broadcaster and journalist. it's fun, when they're on the screen some may have been scripted but fun comes out of that screen talking about cars and response they get out to. it's unique and everybody has a giggle most people do anyway. >> of course it's a global franchise. if you went on any of the trips around the world he goes on now. give us a sense of the reception he gets around the world. >> exactly as you said. it's in over 200 countries. it's such a great show and the bbc have invested heavily in it to give it great production quality. that's why it's taken up in a state where there's more and more broadcast going out there
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and getting cheaper tv shows. this isn't a cheap tv show it's a great production and why it's been so popular. >> we don't know the substance or otherwise of these allegations, if this was to be the last we've seen of jeremy clark son on "top gear," what would be lost to the series? would it continue? >> let's get it right last time. it's an alleged swing and alleged alleged alleged punch. we don't know if he connected. to me the people that should be fired are the people that took him off air. i think it's ridiculous. >> jeremy clarkson thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. breaking news. arm robbers in france have hijacked two vans carrying millions of euros in jewels. the drivers were thrown off on the highway and the two vans
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were later found burned in a forest nearby. lucy joins us from paris. they say it looks like a very planned operation. >> reporter: according to french television that's the summary of the operation. they say the vans were heavily secured. that comes from police officials and also french television have reason to believe the gang was lying in wait for the vans at the tollbooth and thus must have known what the delivery times would be. from that they're extrapolating it looked like a planned operation and certainly an operation of some scale, more than 12 perhaps up to 15 thieves all together, heavily armed, police sources say. it seems to have been a fairly swift operation, no injuries at all, no sign of the jewels. police have now left searching the area around the tollbooth to find any trace of these men. >> the drivers, what state are
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they in do we know? >> reporter: the drivers are apparently absolutely fine. there were no injuries at all, any at the toll booth, drivers themselves. they seem to have been ejected fairly quickly and left at the side of the road. the vans are in a different condition, burned out and jewels disappeared. how the men managed to get these jewels out of these heavily secured vans is another mystery and some say it was a pretty well planned event. >> lucy williamson in paris, thanks very much. the main suspect in the shooting of the russian politician opposition nemtsov, says he was tortured. he tells prison visitors he was tied up for two days with a bag over his head and only confessed to killing him so a friend arrested with him would be
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freed. beginning military training e sizes in the black sea, aimed at reassuring nato's members in eastern europe over russia's increasingly unpredictable behavior. the kremlin has accused nato of war games and could have serious consequences over the border. saying nato is boosting force to cope with conflicts across the region. >> we are increasing our collective defense. we are now boosting our collective defense more than we've done since the end of the cold war. we are doubling the size of the nato response force from 13,000 to 30,000 troops. we are setting up a new 5,000 strong quick reaction spirited force with some units ready to move within as little as 48 hours. we're also creating six command
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and control centers in the baltic states and three other eastern allied states. the implementation of this plan is actually something which is on track. i'm very much impressed with the work done here to make sure we are delivering on the promises we made to increase our readiness, preparedness and force forces. >> saying that the laws increasing the birthrate in iran could reduce women to baby making machines. laws would set women's rights back by decades, one outlaws voluntary sterilization and the other makes it hard er to get jobs and the other more difficult to get a divorce. what's behind these laws? >> it has a very long history. when the iranian revolution
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happened in '79, they decided -- the religious leaders of the country decided they needed more people. iran got into a very long war and they decided in order to compensate for those who are getting killed in the war they needed a bigger population. then, they supported the people to have more children. then we entered at the end of the '80s, we entered the baby boomer generation where i come from. for 20 years, iran then tried to stop that because suddenly their birthrate went up to 4% every year and we had 2 million new babies every year. so iran decided they have to stop that and they have been very successful. when i was growing up there were billboards saying you're happier with fewer babies two is enough. since four or five years ago they have made a u-turn and decided now we have too many young people who will get old in a few decades and we don't have
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enough children who will support us when we get old in iran. >> now, they're taking this step, the whole range of new draft laws. how is it being perceived in iran? >> well there are some criticisms, of course. they are trying to put a ban on all permanent contraception. they are putting harsh punishment for doctors who conduct the surgeries. they're trying to instruct private and public entities to only employ women who have children. but it doesn't men people will follow these things only dictated by the regime. >> what happens if they don't? >> not much to be honest because there are so many other factors that are important. they have to think whether they can provide for the child coming into this world. modern iranian women are very educated, they have jobs now and
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can't give up their lives and have five or six children as they would like them to. the decision is very personal. if this legislation comes into effect and people have to follow it, it will be more difficult to find contraception, to get an abortion. it will have very serious consequences for women from villages because they wouldn't have access to these things. yet, modern women, they will find ways not to get pregnant if they don't want to. >> thanks very much. bbc persian. now, do stay with us on "bbc world news." still to come. ♪ blurred lines ♪ singer pharrell williams and robin thicke are told to pay millions in damages for copying a marvin gaye song their hit "blurred lines."
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this is "bbc world news." the latest headlines. the bbc has suspended "top gear" jeremy clarkson over an allegation he threw a punch at a producer. warships have begun maneuvers in the black sea. hello. coming up in sports today, in half an hour's time the fight is on. formula 1 team appealed after their driver is put back in the driver's seat by an australian court. also coming up he says i'm sorry. he accepts the boos from the fans after real madrid lose but still go through to the quarterfinals. england has nothing to play for against afghanistan. a captain says the coach is in the wrong job. ahead. back in our headlines again today, the international
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monetary fund is due today to approve a 17.5$17.5 billion bailout for ukraine a little bit later on. the money is desperately needed in a country financially crippled by a year-long conflict between the government and russian backed rebels. this year the economy is forecast to shrink 4.5% with a post of other economic data making for worrying reading. quick look at numbers, inflation running almost 35% in the country. as you can see, it's been on a very sharp upward trend over the year. and it's lost two-thirds against the dollar and last week they raisedthy interest rate from 19% to eye watering 30%, in an effort to curve inflation on its
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beleaguered currency. south america's most popular city is facing the daunting prospect of running out of water later this year. the city's water supplies have been suffering with drought in reservoirs at record low levels and now they're working on a wragges wraggesing system that could be implemented in the coming weeks and rainy season over. they have tried to stop water in the fears it could soon become scarce. and for ukraine, up across the board, furniture lyly up .31%. and the dax up 1.54% and acacac 1.-- see you later.
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investigating men at evening prayers and targeted there's no history of people being targeted for their religious beliefs. no word who the attackers may have been. david lloyd sent this report. >> reporter: mourners gather and chant poems in the memory of the 11 who were killed in this room at evening prayer. the 13-year-old grandson of the leader of this congresscation is called to speak outside. the bodies of his father and grandfather lie in fresh graves dug in the courtyard of the mosque. the leader was well-known and respected for preaching a traditional afghan strand of islam. this was hated by modern islamists not only the taliban but other muslimists in the group that defeated the
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russians. >> translator: we were worried about our security and said they could ambush us at any time. he had no problem with other ridge religions, he was a spiritual person. mrk >> reporter: the police are keeping a watchful eye to find out who carried out the attack. the killers were professionals using hadn't guns with this ammunition. what makes this shocking in afghan's long wars there have been very few attacks on people just because of their faith. the men who died here appeared to have been killed because for the gunmen they were the wrong kind of muslim. those who mourn are left to wonder why their friends were killed at prayer in a mosque. "bbc news," kabul. one of the biggest hits in recent years but also one of the most controversial. "blurred lines" by pharrell
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williams and robin thicke earned millions and regarding its sexual content. they have to pay marvin gaye's family $7.3 million. ♪ ♪ >> the big summer hit of two years ago, but just how blurred is the line between this and the 1977 song "got to give it up" by marvin gaye? ♪ too similar, according to a jury in los angeles, which decided pharrell williams and robin thicke had crossed that line and breached copyright to the tune of more than $7 million. ♪ >> reporter: damages that didn't just bring tears to their eyes was an emotional court case for marvin gaye's family. >> i feel free free from
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honestly free from pharrell williams and robin thicke's chains and what they tried to keep on us and the lies that were told. >> we did not start this fight. the jury wasn't allowed to know this but pharrell williams and robin thicke filed this lawsuit against my clients in the gaye family for having the temerity to question whether "blurred lines" was an original song. >> reporter: pharrell williams wrote "blurred lines" in an hour in 2012 although admitting marvin gaye provided a soundtrack of his youth denied using any of it for his hit song. >> i'm disappointed and sure my clients are disappointed by the verdict. we know in our hearts blurred lines is an independent creation from the heart and soul of
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pharrell williams. it's a lot of money. not going to bankrupt my clients, a disappointing number. what can i tell you. >> reporter: no money will change hands until the appeals process is complete. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that could take a while while. with marvin gaye's family not giving anything up and the song says it all. >> joining us now from our studio is a music journalist charles shaw murray. charles, what do you make of this ruling? >> well i think it's well-deserved all around. robin thicke is a -- how well named is that? a needmediocre artist who stole from the great one. the joke is that if he'd bothered to license the song it would have saved him an awful lot of money. >> it does strike you that there's a lot of song playing
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that goes on in music these days. other artists clearly don't end up in court. >> for a long time there have been mechanisms for licensing and authorizing song pools and paying royalties on them sometimes giving the author of the tune a share of the publishing. for a long time when his career was a bit in the doldrums in his later years, the late james brown derived a sizable part of his income from license song pools of his records and the same thing with the happily still liveing george clemson. it's unauthorized song playing that gets people into trouble. if you approach the artist or artist representatives or representatives of an artist's estate and say, we want to song pool this we're using this much
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of it a deal can be hashed out and everybody's happy. if you are away on your toes with a bit of somebody else's art, you can't really complain if you get busted. that does raise the bigger question in this digital age the level of protection that artists have for their work. >> it's getting harder and harder all the time. in a lecture on tv a while ago, iggy said he was raising the subject of why he did those car insurance ads. he said if he had to depend on his royalties for survival he'd be having to tend bar for a living these days because the days when, you know artists made a fortune of record sales and songwriters and publishers made a fortune of composition
9:25 am
rights are pretty much gone. there's a joke about you see a band in rehearsal and one guy says, guess what we logged up our millionth play on spotty fi. he says great, how much did we make? he says $1.79. >> different time. thanks very much for joining us. a reminder of our top story. the bbc has suspended one of its highest profile television producers, jeremy clarkson after he allegedly tried to hit one of the show's producers. the next two episodes of the current series will not be aired in the uk. more than 230,000 people i think it's even higher now, signed an online petition calling for jeremy clarkson to be reinstated. don't forget you can get in touch with me and the rest of
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within the next few hours, ukraine should get its $17.5 billion bailout but will it be enough to save an economy close to collapse? running out of water, the authorities in south paolo
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launch a rationing scheme as it continues to ravage brazil. a very warm welcome to the business report. in just a minute we'll be looking at the billions of dollars flowing from the u.s. to ireland. in a few hours, due to approve a $17.5 billion bailout for ukraine. the money is desperately needed in a country financially crippled in a year long conflict between russia and russian backed rebels. this year the economy is set to shrink 5.5% with a host of economy worrying. inflation, it's running at almost 35% in the country. it's been on a very sharp upwards trend over the past
9:33 am
month. since january of last year. the economy hryvnia lost two-thirds against the dollar. and the central interest bank raised interest rates to an eye watering 30% to prop up its beleaguered economy. david is joining me live. how desperately needed is this money? >> reporter: i guess the short answer is very crucial. without this ims me on the ukrainian economy very low, could drop off a cliff. that's what officials are saying. they use the word indeed of meltdown. obviously, this money is very badly needed. it's $17.5 billion, around 5$5 billion of which would become very quickly available, within the next few days in fact. it should be said even if the imf signs off on this there is
9:34 am
a great deal of confidence they will at the moment the ukrainian economy is not out of the boots by a long shot. there are extremely worrying statistics. the inflation, the rates, the economy shrinking. it remains to be seen -- first of all if the imf signs up on this. if they do what will happen to the economy beyond that. >> the other next question is this money enough? also david, has enough reform been done within the ukrainian economy and within the ukrainian institution to make this money effective? what stopped western creditors in the past from giveing money to ukraine, the fact it is not a fully reformed economy and not capable of best utilizing this sort of money. are western creditors more confident in it? >> reporter: exactly. two very good questions. first, is this money enough?
9:35 am
potentially it will paste over some holes. in the long run, no we're talking $40 billion needed or could become available from other investors. the other question that you pose have they done enough? that's the big question ultimately what the imf will be discussing today and other investors have been discussing have the ukrainians taken necessary reforms. there's a very ambitious reform package they're starting to undertake. there is a great deal that needs to be done. corruption needs to be tackled. breaks needs to be cut and the question of the austerity program they will introduce which could create some political backlash. >> always nice to get your analysis. live in kiev. and we will bring you an update on that story as soon as the imf agrees or not on that loan. we'll let you know. you may not know this ireland is the number one destination for u.s. foreign
9:36 am
investment. the u.s. investments hit a record $240 billion with companies including facebook apple and amazon all running operations from the country, however the investment has also attracted criticism from those saying ireland is gaining an unfair advantage through their tax system. speaking earlier, an economist explains the importance of the money to the irish economy. >> the modern nationals, and global nationals important to the economy account for 80% of our gdp. it is a very important contribution to our economy. you look over the last five years most of the growth in irish economy has taken place on the food of national expansionists and intellectual activities as well. it is crucial to ireland to maintain this competitive competition. the source of this competition
9:37 am
is competition and human capital in the economy and ability to bring in key employees and key talent into the economy and overall favorable regulations and other divisions such as others. ireland is a popular location for nationals. not all of their activity is what we call organic to the economy. a lot of activity is activity. and the irish government have been moving aggressively in the last few years to close off the monetary loopholes for the nationals and then it opens up new ones. it will be interesting to see how they deal with these issues in today's announcement. >> south paille south america's most popular destination is running the prospect of running out of water later this year. they have been suffering from years of drought with some
9:38 am
reservoirs at record low levels. now, authorities are working on a rationing system that could be issued in the coming weeks when the rainy season is over. some are concerned it could soon become scarce. this report is here. >> reporter: it seems to have missed the rainy season this year. when it rains, not a drop of water goes to waste in this restaurant. when the owner heard on the radio his restaurant's water supply could be cut to just five days a week he decided to act. he has installed 3,500 liters of water to his daily stock and glasses may soon be replaced by plastic ones meaning no washing and rainwater now used in the restroom's cooling system. the problem many are facing is lack of information. no one knows how long the water
9:39 am
will last and if they need to ration, how bad the situation will get. not everyone is complaining. the wave of panic buying can be profitable for those in the storage business. this store has seen an increase in almost every type of water storage related product from small buckets to 6,000 liter water tanks. >> translator: last year we sold between 20 and 30 a month. today, we're selling around 100 a day, sometimes 150 in one day. >> reporter: all eyes are on the water system that supplies water to 9 million people in this city. prospects are not good. the system is already close to record low capacity. so the rainy season is about to end next month. storing water can be a profitable business now. soon, there may not be much of it left to store. "bbc news." now, greece is in new talks
9:40 am
with international creditors in brussels and fears it could run out of money within weeks. last week's bailout deals with the international bank and central monetary funds was extended until june. we always love to hear from you on the program. for me that's all the business for this hour. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ vo: 85 percent of people who travel will go someplace they've already been. where's the fun in that? it's time to find someplace new. book the hotel you want with the flight you want and we'll find the savings to get you there.
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. hello there, this is "sports today." coming up on the show the fight is on. formula 1 team driver is put
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back in the driver's seat by an australian court. carlo ancelotti says i'm sorry and gets boos from fans after losing. saying the captain is in the wrong job. hello there, wherever you are aodda odd around the world. litigation is ruining the image of formula 1 again. launching an immediate appeal after a court ruled they must let the dutch driver race in this year's melbourne grand prix. they cleared the way for the driver to resume racing months after he was dumped in favor of other drivers. he claims he is entitled to drive after the team reneged on an earlier deal. they arguably bring in more
9:46 am
sponsorship dollars would have to make room if the appeal fails. >> it's been a long trial and i'm very happy with the outcome i have to say. i'm very fit and strong and ready to work hard and do our best for this weekend. not at all. i'm the fittest ever. i've been training the last few months flat out. i'm looking forward to going back to the seat. i had a very good relationship and still have a very good relationship with the team. i'm looking forward to the race this weekend. >> the reporter asked about the safety issues because the team's laur claimed he has no experience to drive and not possible to put him in a 200 miles an hour car at such short notice. they claim there would be a risk of physical harm or even death. i spoke to a former formula 1
9:47 am
driver and he says the whole situation is a mess. >> it indicates the desperate needs some teams are in finding other drivers coming to them presumably able to bring more money than someone agreed to drive for the team in 2015. they sort of hope that garde and his sponsors will go away quietly. well, they're not going away quietly. this is the biggest story in melbourne. they have a lot of sponsorships supporting them but last year so did vander garde and his sponsors or backers for the 2015 season. to then turn around and sign up another two drivers, you have three into two doesn't go. clearly the funding teams are needing these days is so critted call, not just sauber they are
9:48 am
prepared to disregard what they agreed to do in 2014 and take two other drivers who have a bigger budget to support the team. >> now, raul madrid coach carlos andry etty is looking up in the stands where he can see the fans waving white flags where they lost in the championship's league and went down 4-3 but scraped through to the finals in aggregate. real madrid went 3-2 up in the second half. the former real striker made it 4-3 to shalka just one more goal to the german side and they would have knocked it out. >> translator: their top one across the board in defense and lack of fight, motivation and concentration. it isn't good for our image of the club.
9:49 am
the xhilsles were totally justified. we have to work harder and focus more and have more in everything. >> in tuesday's game 4-0, it had been 1-0 after the first part. this batsman is the first man in history to score four kiv consecutive consecutive. he hit 124. 104, and the captain, matthews can you believe sangakkara is retiring after this world cup. why? the scotts have already missed out on the quarterfinals. 210-9 for scotland. afghanistan have missed the quarterfinal stage as well. the knives are out and coach peter moore is on the chopping
9:50 am
block and said he should be replaced by an australian. surely there is an eveningnglishman that can coach the team anybody! >> reporter: there was a diligent approach to net here today. no participation from some with injuries against bangladesh. what about the longer term future and discussion about moore's future and morgan's future and some believe morgan should carry on as captain. peter moore is not so sure. >> i personally think he is in the wrong job. absolutely suited to run the england system around 2015-20 years of age, the development program. i would bring in someone like jason gillespie to run the team. i think he has that know how and
9:51 am
manner and laid back approach. a guy that could take pressure off rather than put pressure on. i think that's what's required at the highest level. >> reporter: what do players make of it all. chris came in for that defeat against adelaide. i asked him about whether the players still believe in moore. >> like the other day i did hurt and don't want to be in that position again and don't want to feel that hurt. that would be more motivation to put it right next time. >> reporter: as a group of players, you believe what peter is putting in? >> 100%. comes in with enthusiasm everyday, gets us up for games and training. i think he's doing a really good job working perfect as a partnership singing off the same hymn sheet and what not. as i said i can't put my finger on it exactly what went wrong.
9:52 am
>> reporter: one final thought, this match here is a huge opportunity. there is so much to play for here, if you happen to be an afghanistanny cricketer. >> as our thoughts core respondent, joe wilson. chasing 364 from sri lanka, doesn't look like they will do it. lots more around the world at bbc bye-bye.
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while the team is out in
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barcelona, i'm also filming my section on mobile devices. i thought this would be a great opportunity to talk you through the techs and apps we have been using to make the show. the first thing to remember when filming on mobile phones is -- there's actually a cool app on horizon that does it automatically and you don't need to worry about it. you do lose a bit resolution. hopefully our professional crew won't be using it. in barcelona, the team used a couple of different apps to film it. the apple boys inc.s phoneiphone users give you the native quality and you can set your frames per second to 240 and lock your white balance, which is really useful. you can also connect extra sound
9:58 am
devices always good using non-professional equipment. android 5 is the choice for android shooters. it lets you change the iso, you can set the exposure to whatever you want. you have even more control over focus and you can monitor the sound levels before you've started recording. the filming was pretty straightforward. the real headaches came when we started doing the editing. i movie is a good go to app for customers. when it comes to professional editing you need more movie tracks. the ipad was the best we found but working over a pad isn't the best of conditions. there there's also an iphone version although i wound recommend it if you have fat fingers. you can see color and definition and effects for your final
9:59 am
clipage. there are loads on the market and have a sharp round and see which ones work for you. personally, i think i will go with one that gives a wit of warmth to my shots. london is not as hot as barcelona. thanks for that guys.
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xxx xxxgoods goods goods7am hello. i'm with "bbc world news." our top stories. the main suspect in the murder of the russian opposition politician nemtsov, says he was tortured into a confession. and making away will millions of dollars in jewels in a motor way heist. is it the end of the road for jeremy clarkson at "top gear," suspending thehim after claiming he threw a punch at a


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